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  • Why is advice valuable?

    In a nutshell, quality insurance advice gives you clarity and confidence to make the right insurance decisions for your specific needs. Insurance can be a complex decision - there are many types and providers of cover, and may differences between each. A good advice process helps you to first identify and prioritise your needs, and then select the cover most appropriate to those. 

    And of course, quality advice is not a one-off transaction: your adviser is in your corner for the long term, to help you make changes as your circumstances, life and needs evolve, and of course, should you need to make a claim. 


  • Is there a cost for your services?

    The answer to this is no as the provider will usually pay the financial adviser commission for the business being placed. This commission will always be disclosed to the client. On the rare occasion that commission is not being paid, we will discuss a fee option with the client, upfront.

    We provide more detail about commissions and how we are remunerated in our Disclosure Information - click here to view.

  • Do you assist with insurance claims?

    Absolutely. And we encourage our clients to contact us about potential claims, even if they're unsure whether it is a claimable event. Too often people don't claim on their insurance when they could have, simply because they don't ask.

    At claim time, we focus on helping you with the documentation and forms and putting your case for a claim to the insurance provider. And importantly, it's our job to do what we can to alleviate as much stress as possible, during what can be very a difficult time. 

  • How often should I review my insurances?

    We invite and encourage our clients to review their insurances every year; we get in contact to talk through the cover that is in place and whether it is still purpose-fit for their needs. It's an opportunity to take stock, look under the hood and make any adjustments that may be needed.

    But, it is also good practice to get in touch if there have been any changes in circumstance at any time, for example buying a new home, growing the family, business changes etc. In short, whether big or small, it makes good sense to check in on your cover when you experience change. That is what your adviser is there for - to make sure that your cover keeps pace with your needs.

  • What other services do you provide?

    We work with a range of specialist advice providers in Residential Lending and Commercial Lending. If you have a query about mortgages or finance for your home or business needs, let us know. We’ll make the introductions and put you in touch with one of our expert partners.