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Complaints Process

If you are not satisfied with my service you can make a complaint through the following methods:

  • By logging into the Trail client portal and pressing on the “Make a Complaint” button on the bottom right of the page
  • By contacting me directly
  • By sending an email to 

Once we receive a complaint, we follow an internal procedure to ensure we address the issue. Our process will:

  • Inform you how we will address the complaint
  • We will confirm in writing our internal complaints process, likely
    timeframes, and our Disputes Resolution Scheme which you can
    access at any stage should you choose to
  • Gather any information that will help us resolve the complaint
  • Aim to resolve the complaint within 10 working days
  • If we cannot resolve the complaint within this timeframe, we will update you regarding next steps

If you are not satisfied with how we addressed or resolved your complaint, you can contact the FSCL. They are an independent dispute resolution service that costs you nothing to use, and will help us resolve any disagreements or finalise outstanding complaints. Their contact details are:


ADDRESS: P.O. Box 5967
Lambton Quay
Wellington 6145
4th Floor, 101 Lambton Quay Wellington
TELEPHONE: 0800 347 257